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Water has always been my element. My family called me "fish" growing up. I started my underwater journey as a scuba diver. One summer, on a liveaboard in the Bahamas, I saw my first mermaid tail. There had been a mermaid retreat the week before. I was too self-conscious to try it on like the other ladies on the trip and have regretted it ever since. While the pandemic raged on, PADI released its mermaid program. I sat on a zoom call and texted excitedly with another diver. We were making plans to become mermaids. At the time, there were very few instructors, just the original pilot mers. I booked the trip to Cozumel and earned my PADI Mermaid Instructor rating. Cozumel was my last hurrah before moving to the Caribbean. Now, I'm bringing mermaids to St. Maarten.

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