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PADI Mermaid Instructor, IDC Staff Scuba Instructor, Freediver, and generally water obsessed.

I took my first breath underwater in 2011. It was an immediate obsession. I worked through my certifications and eventually went pro. Sharing my passion for the underwater world opens up the other 71% of the planet for everyone I teach. I want to create a safe and exciting learning environment for my students.

But what about mermaids? On a dive trip in the Bahamas, a mermaid tail was left on the boat from the prior weeks’ adventure. Every time I geared up to get in the water, I would glance at it, longingly. We were given the opportunity to try it out. I did not take that opportunity and I have regretted it ever since.

When PADI announced the new Mermaid program, I was immediately on board. I booked my trip to Cozumel to get certified and have never looked back.

Phone and WhatsApp: +1 721 553 5001
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