Basic Mermaid

Basic Mermaid ~ $225 USD 

Minimum age: 10

Time requirement: 3-4 hours

Minimum pool session: 1

Learn basic mermaiding principles and focus on practicing skills in a pool or confined water site.


The PADI Basic Mermaid™ course combines learning supporting knowledge and principles with a confined water skill development session to introduce the fun of fundamental mermaid diving. The course covers mermaid diving’s background and culture, primary safety considerations, equipment, and basic water skills.


To enroll in the PADI Basic Mermaid course, you must be at least six years old. You need to be able to swim at least 25m/80ft without swim aids, able to float comfortably at the surface for at least 3 minutes, and be in good physical health. No prior snorkeling, skin diving, or freediving course completion is required.

The PADI Basic Mermaid course consists of two phases:

  1. Study independently using PADI Basic Mermaid eLearning.
  2. A confined water (pool or pool-like location) session to learn and practice basic mermaid diving skills, problem prevention and handling, and how to make mermaid dive


In the PADI Basic Mermaid course, you will use a monofin (i.e. mermaid tail), mask, snorkel, and fins. You may also use a wetsuit and weight belt. Using gear designed specifically for mermaiding is best; however, in this beginner course, you may be able to use snorkeling equipment you already own. If you are a freediver, some of your gear (e.g. mask, fins, snorkel) is also mermaiding gear.

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